Parcel Connect LogoThe last of the main stream UK mail forwarding addresses that I haven’t reviewed is Parcel Connect offered by Fastway. This review is out of date as the last time I used the service was in April 2015.

Parcel Connect allows you to send and return items, as well as receive parcels to various shops offering Payzone services. There are 1017 locations in Ireland which is a lot – far more than Parcel Motel. This post will review just the receiving side of things using their UK Virtual Address. In my experience, once the parcel is received in their Northern Ireland depot it will be ready for collection the next working day at your chosen location. Once it is ready for collection you are sent a 4 digit pin via email to use to collect the parcel.

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Revolut LogoRevolut advertise themselves as the ‘Global Money App’ allowing instant transfers between currencies at mid-market rates. This allows you to save big versus the rates offered by banks. This post will concentrate on their RevolutCard which is a prepaid MasterCard designed with currency exchange in mind. I’ve used Revolut since August 2015 and have saved at least €400 using it versus my Irish debit or credit card abroad.

How much does Revolut cost?

Revolut have a very simple fee scheme:

  • Cost to get a Revolut Card – €0
  • Each ATM Transaction – €0*
  • Each POS Transaction -€0
  • Currency Exchange Fee – €0*
  • Cost to top up account via Bank Transfer of Debit Card – €0
  • Cost to top up account via Credit Card – 1%
  • Replacement card €7 standard delivery, €20 Courier Delivery

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secretflyinglogoThere is a huge range of sites to use when looking for the cheapest flights. There are online travel agents such as,,,,, price comparison sites such as, Google’s ITA Matrix Airfare Search (advanced) or Google Flights and of course directly on the airline’s websites. Sites such as SkyScanner and Google Flights have features that allow you to price up all destinations from an Airport to try and inspire you.

In addition to these sites, there are sites such as Secret Flying and Holiday Pirates that post error fares and other flight bargains. I find Secret Flying the better of the two as Holiday Pirates tends to focus more on UK departures and package holidays. As I post this, there are flights from Rome to Manila, Philippines for €294. You can get cheap Ryanair flights on the same days for €60 return, meaning Dublin to Philippines for ~€350. I know it will be a long journey and baggages is extra on Ryanair, but there are huge savings to be made. The cheapest flights shown on Sky Scanner for the same dates were €632. I travelled around South East Asia for 3 months with hand baggage only so it is possible not to be hit with baggage fees.

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*Parcel Motel also offers a delivery service to Ireland. The service costs €6.50, €7.50 or €8.50 for a small, medium and large parcel weighing up to 10KG. I haven’t used the service yet so I cannot comment on the delivery time. However, the process to pay for and send the parcel is the same as sending to the UK*

Parcel Motel offer a competitively priced parcel delivery service to the UK. They charge based on the size of the parcel and accept parcels up to 10KG. You must print a label online and drop the parcel off at your local motel.


Small: €14.50    8 × 38 × 64 cm
Medium: €15.50    19 × 38 × 64 cm
Large: €16.50    41 × 38 × 64 cm

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Parcel Motel LogoParcel Motel is the virtual address I use by far the most often. I’ve received over 110 parcels and have never had any real issues. Looking at the thread on you can see not everyone is as complimentary about their service as I am. In my experience, if a parcel is delivered to Parcel Motel in Northern Ireland by noon, it will be ready for collection at my Dublin Motel by 10.30PM on the same day. Combining Parcel Motel with Amazon Prime, I can get next day delivery to Dublin for €3.50 from Amazon. That ain’t bad at all.

As well as receiving Parcels with Parcel Motel you can send parcels to other Parcel Motel Users, Address in Ireland & the UK as well as returning items to retailers including Littlewoods, Collect+, My Hermes and Royal Mail. In this post I will just discuss the receiving side of Parcel Motel and will cover the sending side in future posts.

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