Paid Reviews Policy

I set up this blog thinking I’d do the occasional post sharing experiences which I think would be useful for others to read. It is just a small hobby website and sometimes used for the occasional rant! I don’t expect it to become big and I don’t expect to make a income from it.

I was very surprised when I was emailed by a company out of the blue that wanted me to do a paid review of their service which they recently launched in Ireland. The payment for the review would be staggered depending on how positive the review was and I was given a list of words and phrases that I should include in the review ‘in order to ensure the end reader gets the best information possible and to maximise [my] payment’. I politely declined the request.

I am happy to do paid reviews but I have some clear rules that I will be sticking to:

  • I will make it clear it is a paid review in the post.
  • Payment must not be contingent on how favourable the review is.
  • I will do an honest review. If I genuinely believe like a negative review is justified I will write a negative review.


Please enter your contact details and a short message below and I will try to answer your query as soon as possible.