Parcel Motel Delays & Improvements..

As expected Parcel Motel is getting much busier coming up to Christmas. Up until last week, if a parcel was checked in to the Dublin dept by 7PMish I’d expect it in the locker the same evening ready for collection. My last parcel was delayed┬ánothing too long but still was out of the ordinary. Well another one of my parcels was ‘delayed’. I put delayed in inverted commas as by Parcel Motel’s FAQ 24 hours to reach a locker is standard, but compared to the standards I’ve come to expect it was a delay. The parcel was scanned into Dublin depot yesterday at 5.30PM. There was no sign of it last night so I presumed it would be ready until this evening. At 12 this afternoon I received the text that the parcel was ready for collection. While this might be normal, this is the first time that I’ve had a delivery not at 10-11PM to this locker. I presume they are sending out parcels at different times during the day to try and keep all the lockers full.

I decided to go pick it up straight away and when I got to the Motel I could see the screen was different and looked a lot fancier then before. I did get an email about some improvements in the last few days but never bothered to read it. On the right hand side there was an option to scan a QR code. I clicked it and checked my email and text notification to see if either had the barcode – they didn’t. So I logged into my parcel motel account on my phone and sure enough beside the parcel was a link to the QR code. Clicking it opened a pop over and I scanned that using the built in scanner in the motel. The locker then popped open.



Have to say, I was very impressed with how quickly the whole process is with the QR codes. The only issue is having to open, log in and find the parcel on the phone is quite cumbersome. Would be a lot handier if they sent the QR code in the notification email. Once I closed the locker the screen then changed and told me that collecting the parcel took 3.23 seconds! I tried again with another parcel not using the QR code but manually entering in my mobile number and pin – it took 11.42 seconds.

Parcel Motel Completed Screen


One thing I noticed is that the emails/texts now say the PIN┬áto pick up the parcel is 6 digits long but I am still receiving 4 digit PINs. I’m presuming they haven’t fully rolled out the longer PINs yet.

It looks like Parcel Motel is really starting to get busy for the Christmas period, but it seems they are doing their best to keep everything moving smoothly. At the end of the day, there isn’t much more they can do.

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