Parcel Motel during Christmas

I’ve been a fan of Parcel Motel since the very beginning. As I buy online a lot, I find the UK delivery address very handy. I also like the fact that it is a locker based system, which means I can collect at any time fo the day. Unfortunately, the locker based system has its drawbacks – there is a finite number of lockers in each Parcel Motel. To make the situation worse, Parcel Motel have recently closed my closest Motel. My closest Motel now is twice as far away.

It is well documented that Parcel Motel (and pretty much all courier services) get overwhelmed during Black Friday and the run up to Christmas. Parcel Motel in particular is vulnerable due to the limited capacity. They have tried to stay on top of the Christmas rush this year by opening up a ‘pop-up’ collection point in Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club. I received an email early November announcing this location and encouraging me to switch. However, it is quite out of the way for me so I decided not to.

In previous years I was lucky – yes parcels were delayed by up to 72 hours but apart from that everything went smoothly. However, this year I decided to move to Parcel Wizard for the Christmas rush. However, I had a few difficulties with them which I will do a post about and they also stopped the partnership with my local newsagent so it would have been a long drive to the nearest pick-up point. I then moved to Parcel Connect and find them brilliant. It is slightly more expensive (€4.50) but each parcel has been ready to collect the next working day after delivery to Antrim.

I accidentally used Parcel Motel address for one delivery this week. When it was delivered to Parcel Motel and checked in I got an email saying it was redirected to Kilmacud Crokes location. ‘In order to avoid any delays to your parcel delivery, we have redirected it to our pop-up location at Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club…. If you can’t make it to collect your parcel at Kilmacud Crokes within 2 days, please call or email our help line and we will arrange to have your parcel placed back in the queue for your chosen Parcel Motel’ 

This didn’t sit right with me. I know they are trying to be helpful but it is out of the way for me and I specifically didn’t select the new location as I was happy to wait the extra day or two. I emailed them requesting they put it back in the queue but after 24 hours I still didn’t have a response.

As luck would have it, I had to drive to Stillorgan yesterday so I was able to pick it up.There are a lot of complaints on Twitter about people not being able to find the pick-up point. In the emails there is a link to Google Maps with the pin dropped at the exact location, and along the road there are signs for Parcel Motel so I can’t really agree that its tough to find – I found it no issue.The process of collection was very quick – give PMID number and name and they’ll route through the relevant box then hand you the parcel. You do not need to use the PIN.

While I was annoyed that they redirected the parcel without consulting me it worked out very well. I still won’t be using  Parcel Motel during the Christmas rush instead will stick with Parcel Connect. However, I have sent a few parcels with Parcel Motel recently and was interested to see how that side of the business was coping..

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