Parcel Motel – Lost Parcel – Resolved

I wrote a post last Wednesday about a parcel being delivered through Parcel Motel that was delayed. I’ve been accused of being a Parcel Motel apologist several times but I stand by my belief that Parcel Motel is by far the best UK virtual address in my experience.  I’ve had one or two delays which have always been resolved quickly. This was the first time one of my parcels was seriously misrouted/delayed and the first time I needed to contact their customer support so I was interested to see how it would go. Parcel Motel have been criticised many times for their poor support.


As you can see from the tracking the parcel took the scenic route. I first opened a ticket on Wednesday at midday and received a response the following day. The response was roughly “I can see your package is on the van for delivery today. I have refunded the cost of the parcel as a way of apology for the delay” Overall, I was very happy with the response however, while the package was on the van, it was never delivered to the motel.

I replied again on Thursday asking them to chase it up. On Saturday I received a reply again saying it was on the van and they had sent my details through to their operations manager.

Yesterday, I replied saying the parcel was still not delivered.

Then yesterday at 4PM I received a notification of a parcel checked into my Parcel Motel account. This used up my free stay that was credited for the delay. Looking at the photo online it was the delayed package that was checked in again. The package was ready for collection last night.

I was going to contact Parcel Motel this morning asking them to refund the cost of this stay however they beat me to it. I received an email apologising that the parcel was checked in again and they refunded me the cost of the stay.

I found the customer support to be quite good. I presume they can only go by what the tracking says and it did look like the parcel was going to be delivered the times they replied saying so. They were also very quick to refund the cost of the stay. In the end the parcel was delayed by 7 days. It didn’t matter to much to be as it wasn’t an urgent package but I can understand people getting frustrated if they really needed the parcel.

I’ve got a theory (thats almost certainly wrong) the parcel somehow ended up in Nightlines ‘standard’ network with the usual Nightline delivery van. The delivery driver didn’t know/was unable to open the Motel and then bought it back to the depot. It was scanned and automatically put back on the same van. Finally it was sent over to the Parcel Motel depot where it was treated as a ‘new’ package. This makes sense in my head but I have no idea if this is actually what happened.

Either way, all’s well that ends well.

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