Parcel Motel – Lost Parcel

Out of all the UK virtual addresses, Parcel Motel is by far my favourite. Normally a parcel is ready for collection the same day it is delivered to their Antrim address for me. On the rare occasion its not, it will be ready for collection the next day. (Obviously this isn’t the case during the Christmas Delays). I’ve one parcel that was delivered to Antrim on Monday and was checked into Parcel Motel Monday evening. I also had two parcels delivered on Tuesday both of which I’ve already collected. Looking at the Monday tracking it’s seems like it’s been misrouted.


Reading boards and elsewhere, it seems a lot of people have very bad experiences with Parcel Motels customer support. I’ve to say any time I’ve contacted them they’ve been great. I’ve fired away an email so it will be interesting to see how long it takes to receive a response, or will this turn out to be an ordeal.

In other Parcel Motel news they are to be acquired by UPS soon so it be interesting to see if anything with Parcel Motel changes..

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