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Parcel WizardParcel Wizard is DPD’s offering and is unique in that they deliver to your house, not to a pick up point. Parcel Wizard is more than just a UK Virtual address, it is a way to schedule your deliveries. You can mark days you are in and out of the house allowing DPD schedule parcel deliveries to suit you. This post will just focus on their Virtual Address service.

They offer an address in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland and they will delivery it to your chosen address in Ireland normally the next working day. The charge is €3.85 for this service. Their online interface isn’t the most polished but by no means awful. Payment is made by PayPal or credit card and you need to purchase either 1, 3 or 5 deliveries at a time. When purchased, these are added to your account and deliveries are deducted from this balance. There doesn’t appear to be an auto-top up feature. If you do not prepay for deliveries, they will contact you when there is a delivery to arrange payment. I am not sure if this means they will issue you with a PayPal invoice to pay or that they accept other payment methods. They now have a credit card feature on their website.

The maximum parcel weight for Parcel Wizard is 20kg and maximum box dimensions are 40cm x 40cm x 60cm. This means Parcel Wizard is suited to heavier items than Parcel Motel as PM only accept up to 10KG. Parcel Wizard do not post their oversized/overweight charges online. Instead saying “We’ll accept delivery of the parcel at the Parcel Wizard UK Virtual Address and we will contact you regarding the charges for delivery. Charges will be made at DPD Ireland’s tariff rate.” I have a feeling that it could be seriously expensive.

Signing up is easy via their website and you are issued with a Parcel Wizard ID. You must use this PWID when using their Virtual Address.  Once signed up you can prepay for deliveries by PayPal. I have used Parcel Wizard eight times but haven’t used it in quite a while. Of these eight deliveries, five were either delivered to a neighbour or left under a car as requested. I suppose this shows that Parcel Wizard is not for me. I find it annoying having to stay in for parcels and much prefer being able to pick them up when it suits me. This isn’t a complaint about Parcel Wizard – they do make it as easy as possible. In the morning they text you a two hour window that they will make the delivery in. I know plenty of people will prefer to have the parcel delivered to their door instead of having to go out an collect it.

I suppose I don’t really have much more to say. From my eight deliveries with Parcel Wizard, they were all delivered the next working day after being delivered to their Northern Irish address. There service is consistent but it just doesn’t suit me.


Edited to add information Pick Up Locations

I had seen information about the ability to pick up the parcel from a shop instead of delivered to your house with parcel Wizard but I wasn’t able to work out how to do it online. I had just presumed it wasn’t live yet. Steven commented clarifying that it was live so I had a deeper look into the website.

DPD allow you to choose from over 600 pick up locations in Ireland. You can see the list on their pickup page and selecting Pickup Point Finder. As with Parcel Connect, they are local stores such as Costcutter.  To get your parcels delivered to a Pickup Point log into your Parcel Wizard Account and select My Calendar.  You can choose a start date and end date for the ‘redirect’ to happen. Then select ‘Pickup at DPD Location’ and you can then select to have the parcels delivered to your local shop ready for you to pick up.

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  1. You now can get your parcel delivered to a PD Pickup Point located in shops around the country.

    This means you don’t have to be home to receive a parcel, still not the same as the Parcelmotel lockers but might be a good alternative for bigger parcels.

    1. You’re completely right. I did see it mentioned before on the website but couldn’t work out how to select to have parcels sent to a pick up point. It appears you choose it in My Calendar section. I’ll update the post once I’ve played around with it.

      1. You can also do a re-direct when you get a parcel notification via e-mail or SMS (not the predict window, the one the day before that is announcing they have a parcel for you).

        That can be helpful in case you forgot to add something to the calendar or for some reason it’s not visible in the Wizard.

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