Parcel Wizard – My December experience

I’ve been doing far more post on the Virtual Address providers than I hoped to and this will be my last one. I just felt I should share my recent experience with Parcel Wizard. Parcel Motel was getting quite a lot of bad press over on and many suggested Parcel Wizard as reliable alternative. I decided to use Parcel Wizard more and had a total of three parcels delivered with them using their DPD PickUp service to collect from my local shop.

All three were checked in the same day as they were delivered to the UK virtual address in Northern Ireland and each was scheduled for delivery the following working day. So far so good. However, in all cases, the parcels were not ready for collection on the date they said they would be.  Instead, under Future Deliveries on my Parcel Wizard account the parcels status changed between ‘In Transit’ and ‘Held in Depot’ each day.


I went on live chat about 5 times each time I was either promised a call back or the agent simply left the chat. I never received any call backs.

Parcel 1:

Delivered to DPD Parcel Wizard: 29th November
Available to Collect: 12th December

Parcel 2:

Delivered to DPD Parcel Wizard: 30th November
Available to Collect: 5th December

Parcel 3:

Delivered to DPD Parcel Wizard: 2nd December
Available to Collect: 12th December


When the parcels were finally ready for collection I received no text or email notification. I only noticed when the status updated on My Parcel Wizard account. It also displayed the four digit code required to pick up the parcel. However, on their mobile site the PIN is not shown so you need to manually request Desktop Site and then scroll down to find the PIN.

In ‘The Race‘  Parcel Wizard came last which really surprised me. I can understand the Parcel Motel delays there are a finite number of lockers. I can’t really understand why the Parcel Wizard delays were so long and why I seemed to be very unlucky with delays and poor Customer Service. I suppose the main message is that any of the providers can have delays and bad experiences with. I was expecting Parcel Wizard to be the most polished and reliable service but in my case they weren’t. I’ll be sticking with Parcel Connect until Christmas than will be going back to Parcel Motel.


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  1. The Pickup is still new and I think they have to work out kinks in the depot and the shops before it’s really going to be reliable.

    I am using them all the time for home delivery and usually they deliver the parcels the next day after it’s received in the north.

    As to customer service, it’s really mixed bags, depending on who picks the chat/e-mail up. The people you have in our screenshot are equally as bad to me as they are to you. They are not the best.

    On the other hands, several of them, especially the ones that were there from the beginning are great.

    Best is to send them an e-mail to in my experience.

    1. Thanks for the email. Must remember that for the next time. Been sticking with Parcel Connect recently and have found them very reliable. One thing I’ve noticed all my Parcel Connect tracking numbers have been SC000000XXXX and appear to be in sequence. I had one parcel on the 1st December and one on the 9th December with a difference of 219 in the tracking number. I wonder does that mean that Parcel Connect is only processing around 30 parcels a day. Or maybe each depot has a different starting two letters.

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