Parcel2Go now supports An Post Parcels

I’ve always been a bit surprised with just how expensive sending a one off parcel is with An Post at a post office. To post a 20KG parcel within Ireland costs €30.50, to the UK costs €61.50 and the rest of the world costs €82 for their Standard Parcel Service. I understand that this is for a one off parcel and if you are posting in bulk you will get significant discounts. However, what always struck me as strange is that An Post allows you to send a parcel under 10KG anywhere in Ireland for €13 (previously it was €11) by Express Post. What is annoying is that you need to ring them to order it and the parcel is collected from your address. I’d find it much more convenient to drop it off at a post office, but they said this wasn’t possible.

They’re are lots of different sites selling discount parcel delivery services including Parcel2Go, ParcelDirect, WorldBox, ParcelMonkey, SnapParcel, Parcel Connect, Parcel Motel and many many more. A lot of these services require the parcel to be collected which I don’t like. I much prefer to be able to drop it off at a local point. Parcel Motel and Parcel Connect both offer these services as does Parcel Direct – however I have never used them before.

I was recently pricing another 20KG parcel that had to be delivered within Ireland. I was very pleasantly surprised when Parcel2Go offered An Post delivery within Ireland for just €9.81. The best part for me is you drop off the parcel at a post office. No waiting around for a courier to collect it. It doesn’t state which service this is but I would guess it’s An Post Express Post which offers next day delivery and tracking. Unfortunately for the time being they only offer An Post for deliveries within Ireland and not internationally.

I haven’t had the chance to use it yet but will report back once I do. This is the first time I’ve seen it offered so I thought I’d post about it.

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