Replacement N26 Black card is on its way!

My N26 Black MasterCard broke and I am no longer able to make contactless payments with it. When I went on to the app to order a replacement they were asking for €6 to pay for the replacement. I’ve no problem paying for a replacement in the case of the card being lost or stolen however I do have an issue with it when it was damaged. The card was damaged by general use – inserting and removing from the chip reader, something the card should be designed to withstand. I decided to hold off ordering the replacement and instead get on live chat to ask what they could do for me.

This also let me see how their live chat is doing these days. I’ve always found them spot on – quick to connect, quick to reply and very helpful. However, it recents weeks I’ve been receiving comments from readers about N26 customer support and they have not been very positive.

First thing Wednesday morning, I went on live chat and was connected within 10 seconds so we were off to a good start. I made my case explaining that I expected the card to be replaced free of charge. The agent said he would see what he could do. After confirming my details I was advised the replacement card had been ordered and should arrive within 5-7 working days. I was also given the option to pay €19 for express (1-2 day) delivery but declined. My card still works for chip and pin payments and I can always use my phone for Android Pay.

In total the chat lasted for less than 3 minutes and I have no complaints. In fact, the whole process was very impressive. Looks like I’m going to be sticking with N26 for the foreseeable future.

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