Returning a parcel using Parcel Motel and Collect+

It’s been a while since I’ve sent a parcel using Parcel Motel but in the last two weeks I’ve had to send a lot of parcels so I thought it would be helpful to do some posts. I’ve reviewed sending with Parcel Motel and Collect+ before as well as using the standard Parcel Motel Send to UK Service.

In the last two weeks I’ve used the following services:

  • Parcel Motel and Collect+ to return a package to Amazon in the UK
  • Parcel Motel return to Next service
  • Parcel Motel standard Send to Ireland service
  • Parcel Motel return to UK with prepaid Hermes service
  • Parcel Connect return to Asos service
  • An Post/ Return to Boohoo service

I’ll combine a few of the reviews but for this post I’ll just cover sending a parcel using Collect+ and Parcel Motel. A lot of UK retailers will provide a prepaid Collect+ label to use when returning a parcel. Alternatively, you can purchase a prepaid label on their website from as little as £4.99.

In this instance, Amazon provided a prepaid Collect+ label to return an item I had purchased. Normally they can swap it out for a prepaid An Post label but unfortunately the agent was unable to. They agreed to repay the Parcel Motel fee which is €3.50 for this service. You drop the parcel off at one of their lockers, they will collect it, bring it up to their Belfast depot and then hand it over into the Collect+ Network.

The tracking for the parcel on Parcel Motel side was:

Friday 5:30PM Dropped off at a Parcel Motel Locker
Saturday 1:30AM Collected by Parcel Motel from Locker
Monday 6:10PM Received into Parcel Motel Depot
Tuesday 3:10AM 3rd Party Link


3rd Party Link means Parcel Motel have handed the parcel over to Collect+. At this point, the tracking on Parcel Motel stops. On the Wednesday, the Collect+ tracking showed as collect by courier at 3.59 AM and from there on the updates were visible on Collect+’s website.


The whole process was very smooth and I’d definitely use Parcel Motel and Collect+ again. Do bear in mind though it is nearly November and the Parcel Motel Christmas delays could well start soon.

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