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On Wednesday I ordered a Revolut Contactless Card. They said delivery would take approximately 8 working days to arrive. Well my brand new shiny contactless card arrived today. It was delivered by standard Royal Mail Airmail. First things first, I understand this isn’t important and some would argue it is a waste of money but I really love the packaging the card comes in. Its slick and and almost makes receiving the card an ‘experience’ Puling out the right hand side of the packaging, the card then emerges from the left.




The symbol on the top right of the card is how you know the card has contactless. This new card was already active on my account so I went into the app and blocked my old card. This old card will know be used as a backup in case I lose this new revolut card. -Revolut allows you to easily block and unblock the cards from the app. I was interested to try out the contactless feature so went to Supervalu and bought items totalling €1.36. The card was instantly picking up by the shops card terminal but I noticed it was processing for longer than usual. Normally when using my Bank of Ireland contactless cards (both credit and debit) the transaction would authorise almost immediately. In this case it took a while and by a while I mean 1 second or so. The transaction also instantly appeared on my Revolut app on the phone.


This was just one transaction so I am not sure if there will always be a delay. I am wondering if it is because it is a prepaid card the transaction has to be authorised online. Where as I think debit and credit cards contactless tend to be authorised at a later date. I am probably completely wrong though!


Anyway, I’m glad the card arrived much quicker then expected and look forward to using it on the tube in London.

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  1. The card will always ask for online authorization even when you are using NFC, which is why you can for example disable NFC payments in the new version of the App on demand.

    Your Irish Bank Card does allow offline transactions to a limited extend which in theory means you could overdraw your account if you spend money you do not have, that is a risk the irish banks are taking.

    Revolt cards are coded on the NFC chip to always go online approval as you suspected.

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