Reward Credit Cards in Ireland

One thing I wish we had in Ireland was better reward credit cards. In America, the sign up bonuses and cash back on credit cards can be very lucrative. The Chase Sapphire Reserve card offers 50K bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening which is roughly $850 back. Nothing in Ireland comes close to offer this level of cash back or reward. Previously Tesco Ireland offered a credit card offering 1 ClubCard point for every €2 spent on the card but they recently changed that to 1 ClubCard point for every €8 spent on the card. Now they have stopped accepting applications for the card.

There are only three reward credit cards left in Ireland that I am aware of and none of them are too exciting.

AIB Platinum Visa 

Spend over €5,000 in any 12 month period from your account opening date and receive 0.5% of that amount back up to a maximum reward of €225 per year.

KBC Credit Card

Get 1% cash back on grocery and online purchases with the KBC Credit Card. You can earn up to €10 per month.

Bank of Ireland Credit Cards

This applies to all Bank of Ireland Personal Credit Cards. You can link the Credit Card with a SuperValu Real Rewards account and earn Real Awards every time you use the credit card.

2 SuperValu Real Reward for every €1 spent in Supervalu if you use your SuperValu Real Reward Card and pay by Bank of Ireland Credit Card  – and – 1 SuperValu Real Reward for every €10 spent elsewhere.

The points are issued per transaction and not per statement. If you make two transactions of €5 each you will not receive any points but one transaction of €10 will receive 1 point.


The most ‘generous’ cash back card in Ireland is the AIB Platinum Visa offering up to €225 cash back per year while KBC offers up to €120 cash back per year. Obviously this is in essence free money if you were going to make the transactions any way and clear the balance before being charged interest but its frustrating when you see across the Atlantic the offers are so much better.

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  1. As you have a German Bank Account (N26) you might want to consider a Lufthansa Miles and More Card.

    The card is available internationally as long as you have a German Bank account and your bank is willing to provide a bank reference.

    ID verification can be done via Video Indent (by the same people that are doing it for N26).

    You might not get the biggest limit and its a charge card not a credit card which you have to pay back in full at the end of the billing period but it can be great to generate Lufthansa Miles.

    1. Had no idea this was an option. I must look into it and see if it’s worth signing up to. Thanks for the suggestion.

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