Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed to Ireland

I used to buy an awful lot from the UK that was sent by Royal Mail and delivered by An Post in Ireland. A few years ago if an item was dispatched on Monday from the UK, I would be confident of receiving it on Wednesday or Thursday. In recent years it has seemed to have gotten much slower. Last week an item was sent by Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed to my address in Dublin. It was sent on a Tuesday and I was expecting it on Thursday. Royal Mails website states that International Tracked and Signed gets ‘priority handling’

When I saw the letter was scanned in Heathrow Worldwide DC on very early Wednesday morning I expected it to show up on An Post Tracking on Wednesday evening or worst case Thursday. However, it wasn’t scanned in until Saturday and was then delivered Monday Morning. I suppose 4 working days isn’t too bad however I would have expected it to be a lot quicker.

Now, I am probably going to show my naivety here but it appears that Royal Mail got the item to Heathrow very quickly and once An Post scanned in the letter they delivered it the next day. So what happened in the mean time, the apparent three and a half days of no progress? I believe Royal Mail use British Airways aircraft a lot based on their logo on the aircraft. I’d imagine that there must be ample post from the UK to Ireland each day to warrant sending sacks of mail on flights daily. An Post have airmail as one day quicker than Registered Post to the UK. Does adding registered mail increase the delivery time? Presumably, registered mail has to be kept separated from standard airmail so maybe they are waiting for a certain amount of registered mail to Ireland before they load those bags?  I’d be genuinely interested to know where the delay occurs. Maybe I expect to much but for over €10 I’d expect 2 day delivery.


I’ve three parcels being delivered from the UK to Ireland by standard airmail. It will be interesting to see if they arrive quicker.

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