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secretflyinglogoThere is a huge range of sites to use when looking for the cheapest flights. There are online travel agents such as,,,,, price comparison sites such as, Google’s ITA Matrix Airfare Search (advanced) or Google Flights and of course directly on the airline’s websites. Sites such as SkyScanner and Google Flights have features that allow you to price up all destinations from an Airport to try and inspire you.

In addition to these sites, there are sites such as Secret Flying and Holiday Pirates that post error fares and other flight bargains. I find Secret Flying the better of the two as Holiday Pirates tends to focus more on UK departures and package holidays. As I post this, there are flights from Rome to Manila, Philippines for €294. You can get cheap Ryanair flights on the same days for €60 return, meaning Dublin to Philippines for ~€350. I know it will be a long journey and baggages is extra on Ryanair, but there are huge savings to be made. The cheapest flights shown on Sky Scanner for the same dates were €632. I travelled around South East Asia for 3 months with hand baggage only so it is possible not to be hit with baggage fees.

This just happens to be the newest deal, there are often much better deals and deals leaving from Dublin. I booked Dublin – Istanbul (4 days in Istanbul) – Mumbai for €300 return on Turkish Airlines.

Dublin to:

New York/Chicago/San Francisco/Washington DC/Los Angeles/Boston from only €248 return on SAS
Bali, Indonesia for €388 return on Xiamen Airlines
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for €348 return on Turkish Airlines
Beijing, China for €290 return on SAS
Las Vegas, USA for €352 return on United/Air Canada
Yangon, Myanmar for €478 return on Etihad

I have never had any issues with my bookings through Secret Flyer. Some of the deals they post are known as Error Fares and these are clearly marked.  When booking an Error Fare there is a chance that the airlines/travel agent will cancel the booking and refund your money. Therefore it is a good idea not to book any non-refundable hotels/activities for the trip until closer to the time. You can read more about what causes Error Fares on their blog. If you do book an Error Fare do not ring the airline asking them are they going to honour it.

Flights are not booked through Secret Flying, instead they just post the deals and tell you where you can book the flights. I check the site at least once a day and have visited places that I wouldn’t have normally considered going to just because the deal was so good.

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