Sending BitCoin using Trezor Wallet

I recently did a post about setting up a Trezor Hardware Wallet. This post will talk about sending bitcoin using the Trezor wallet. I decided not to do a post about receiving bitcoin as it is quite straightforward.

To send money first plug in your Trezor device to your computer and navigate to the Trezor Wallet website. You will be asked to enter in your device PIN. Next select the Send tab. Enter in the bitcoin address you wish to send to and the amount. You can enter the amount in either Euro/USD/other currency or bitcoin and the wallet will calculate the other. You can then select the fee. The fee determines how quickly the transaction will be confirmed and added to the blockchain. Once you’ve filled in the form press Send.



You will then be shown a confirmation page confirming the total amount of the transaction and an estimated time. As I selected a low fee, they couldn’t give an estimated time to receive confirmation of the transaction.



Next you will need to compare the bitcoin address your provided to the address that is displayed on the Trezor screen to ensure it wasn’t changed. Press the button under Continue on the Trezor device.  Next you will confirm the amount and the transaction again on the Trezor device by pressing the button under Continue.



That’s all there is to it. You’ve just sent bitcoin!


In the interest of full-disclosure, links to Trezor are affiliate links. Should you click through to Trezor via my affiliate link and purchase a device I will receive a small commission payment. These affiliate payments have no impact on my reviewing of the product. If you believe I have been influenced by the potential commission when reviewing a product please call me out. 

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