Sending Parcels with An Post

I sell quite a bit on Adverts and Done Deal and often have to post the items to the purchaser. Ideally, if the parcel fits in a Parcel Motel locker I prefer to send it directly to the purchasers Parcel Motel if they have an account as it is extremely cost efficient. However, for parcels larger than the Parcel Motel size limit you have to look at other options. It has often been suggested that I user Parcel Connect to send the parcels. Parcel Connect offers four different weight bands up to 2KG, 5KG, 15KG and 30KG. For comparison I’ve put the prices for An Post Standard Parcel for the same weight.

Max Weight Parcel Connect An Post Standard Parcel
2KG €10.60 €8.30
5KG €14.96 €14.60
15Kg €18.25 €24.60
30KG €23.55 €29.60 (Max 20KG)


The prices are pretty similar between the two services. Standard Post is the basic service offering by An Post they also offer Express Post and Registered Post but of which are more expensive. However, there is a service offered by An Post which seems a lot of people haven’t heard of. If you live in the Greater Dublin area and have a parcel under 10KG An Post will collect the parcel, delivery it Express Post the next day anywhere in Ireland for a flat fee of €11 update: €13 and it includes up to €350 insurance. Unfortunately, you cannot order this online or purchase this service at a post office.

Its quite a straightforward service:

  1. Package the parcel and address it including a return address
  2. Ring 01 705 7600 before 2.30PM for same day collection.
  3. When on the phone they will ask for your address & payment card details
  4. A driver will arrive to collect the parcel, place an Express Post barcode on  the parcel and provide you with a receipt and tracking number.

You can read more about the service on the An Post Website.

I’ve used this service a good few times now and have always found it very handy. I would personally prefer to be able to drop the parcel off to a post office/sorting office instead of having to stay in for the collection. I’m surprised this service isn’t more popular with those buying and selling on Adverts or Done Deal.

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