Sending to the UK with Parcel Motel

*Parcel Motel also offers a delivery service to Ireland. The service costs €6.50, €7.50 or €8.50 for a small, medium and large parcel weighing up to 10KG. I haven’t used the service yet so I cannot comment on the delivery time. However, the process to pay for and send the parcel is the same as sending to the UK*

Parcel Motel offer a competitively priced parcel delivery service to the UK. They charge based on the size of the parcel and accept parcels up to 10KG. You must print a label online and drop the parcel off at your local motel.


Small: €14.50    8 × 38 × 64 cm
Medium: €15.50    19 × 38 × 64 cm
Large: €16.50    41 × 38 × 64 cm

A large 10KG parcel would cost:

€47.60 with An Post for their standard service.
€24.59 with FastWay – the cheapest option on
€31.96 with FastWay through

As you can see, there are substantial savings to be made. The process to send a parcel to the UK via Parcel Motel is very quick and streamlined. Once you are logged into your Parcel Motel Account, under ‘RETURN OR SEND A PARCEL THROUGH PARCEL MOTEL’ select ‘Send a parcel to an address in Ireland or the UK’. Choose the size, confirm it is under 10KG and enter the recipients address and phone number and press ‘continue’. You will then be presented with the price for the service. Select ‘continue’ again. If you have a balance on your Parcel Motel account or a payment card linked the amounted will be deducted from it. Alternatively, you will be taken to a page to pay. Once complete, you will be provided with a PDF address label to attach to the outside of the parcel. They will also email you a copy. This contains the address and barcode and is the only label you need to place on the parcel. Now, all that’s left it to drop off the parcel.

When you arrive at the locker you are presented with two options on the screen ‘Collect My Parcel’ and ‘Send My Parcel’ Not surprisingly you select the latter and within a second the barcode reader located under the screen will activate. Place the barcode on the parcel label in front of the barcode reader. Sometimes you need to play around with the distance/angle of the parcel and the barcode reader but I’ve never not got it to work. If it doesn’t read, you can also enter in the barcode number manually by using the touchscreen. Once the barcode is read/barcode number entered the door will pop open on one of the lockers. Simply place in the parcel, close the locker and click ‘Done’ on the touch screen.  I normally receive a text and email within a couple of seconds saying:

“Thank you for using Parcel Motel sending and returns service. We will notify you to confirm receipt of your parcel.”

The parcel can be tracked from your Parcel Motel account by selecting ‘Sent Parcels’ beside the ‘RETURN OR SEND A PARCEL THROUGH PARCEL MOTEL’ option. The tracking number will be in the format PRSLXXXXXXXX. This number can also be used to track the parcel on This can be useful if you would like the recipient to be able to keep an eye on the parcel’s progress. The parcel is handled by UK Mail once it arrives in the UK. The updates from UK Mail will be shown on your Parcel Motel tracking but will not appear on the Nightline tracking. Instead, you will need to track the parcel on the Nightline website using the PRSL tracking number and retrieve the UK Mail tracking number. On the page displaying the results, click the tracking number to get a full tracking history. Once the parcel has been received in the UK a new link will display on this page ‘Third Party Tracking’. This will take you to yet another page and there will be a section: ‘Tracking Ref:’ followed by a 14 digit number. This 14 digit number is the UK Mail tracking number. You can use this number to track the parcel on the UK Mail website.

The delivery service appears to take 2 working days from when the tracking shows ‘PM Received’. I presume this means the parcel has arrived at the Parcel Motel depot. Pretty soon after being ‘PM Received’ the parcel will update as ‘Outbound’ and then ‘Exported’. In my experience these three updates occur within 4 or 5 hours of each other. The next day the parcel arrives in Runcorn, England which is the UK Mail depot. Then the next working day the parcel is delivered. The delivery time from the parcel being received in the Parcel Motel depot is very good especially for the price. The last two parcels I have sent to the UK with PM have taken 1 day from being collected from the motel to be processed by PM at the depot making this a 3 day service.

Overall my experience with Parcel Motel UK delivery has been very good and I will continue to use them. Their returns service is another issue altogether. I will have a post about that ordeal in the coming days.

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