Signing up to Lycamobile Ireland

As I previously mentioned I’ve been looking around for a new mobile phone network after Three increased their prices. I’ve done a post comparing the best options based on my usage and the clear winner was Lycamobile. Their Ireland Plus plan includes 30GB data and unlimited calls and texts for just €15 per month. And better still, the first month is €7.50.

Signing Up
You can request a free sim card online which they will post out to you. I did this back in March when I was originally looking around for alternative networks. I received the sim card in two working days but in the end I didn’t do anything with it. When my Three package finally expired I decided to look at Lycamobile again. This time, they were offering the €15 package for €7.50 for new customers when they buy a sim with a plan online.

I purchased the plan online and €7.50 was taken from my N26 account straight away. I received an email welcoming me to Lycamobile including instructions on how to activate the package. The email said I should receive the sim card within 7 working days. After waiting these 7 days without receiving the sim I reached out on Twitter. They were very quick to reply and they said they couldn’t track the sim but offered to send out another one. Eventually I remembered I had a sim from March so I activated the package on this.

Whats included in the package

The Ireland Plus package includes:

  • 30GB data in Ireland
  • Unlimited calls to Irish numbers
  • Unlimited texts to Irish numbers
  • Free calls & text roaming in 18 Countries
    • Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Hong Kong, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA
  • For 30 days

Unlike Three’s package where you keep the €20 top up to spend on other services with Lycamobile you ‘buy’ the package and therefore the €7.50 (or €15) is deducted from your available balance.

Activating Package

After paying for the package I received an email. The package is not already active on the sim card when you receive it and you must activate it yourself.  To do this, you must type *116*PIN NUMBERwhen you have your Lycamobile sim card in your phone. The PIN number is an 8 digit code included in the welcome email. Once I did this, the services were active within a minute.

Porting the Number

After testing out the internet, calls and texts I decided to port my number over from Three so I could keep using my number. You can request to transfer the number over on Lycamobile’s Website. The only item I was a bit confused about was Prepay/BillPay. As I was transferring the number from my Three Prepay account I selected “Prepaid Registered Sub”. I filled out the form at 12.45 selecting 13.00 as the port time. Sure enough by 13:10 the number was working on my Lycamobile sim. Couldn’t have been easier.

Initial Impressions

I’ve only been using Lycamobile for a day now so I will be very brief and will give a more detail impressions in the coming days. Customer care on Twitter was brilliant – quick and helpful. The price of €7.50 (and even the usual €15) is very competitive. Porting was very easy and very quick. Internet speeds have been acceptable. They seem to be slower than what I was getting with Three but I could only tell that from doing speed tests – there is so far no noticeable difference when web browsing.

In the interest of full-disclosure, links to Lycamobile are affiliate links. Should you click through to Lycamobile via my affiliate link and top up your Lycamobile number I will receive a small commission.. These affiliate payments have no impact on my reviewing of the product. If you believe I have been influenced by the potential commission when reviewing a product please call me out. 

9 Replies to “Signing up to Lycamobile Ireland”

  1. My number is 089XXXXXXX this is my new lycamobile number but, I can not get call or can not make to calls from this number… please help

    If it is not activated yet.. please get me the online link to do the activation myself
    Expecting quick reply

    1. This is just a blog post about Lyca Mobile. You would need to contact Lyca Mobile for help.

      They are open everyday from 09:00am to 06:00pm. Dial 1923 from your Lycamobile or Dial 01 437 2322 from another phone. Alternatively, you can contact them via their Twitter and FaceBook pages.

  2. I ordered my sim bundle on the 6/1/18 and as of today 22/1/18 i have not received it. Please advise what the problem is. Thank you.

  3. Hey! Trying to switch from Three mobile but what did you enter in the Old Network Provider field?

    The options are:


  4. Hello, Ive say online reports of Lycamobile saying it’s a scam?? Is this true and also, is it working fine still or did you swap from Lycamobile back to a different network?

  5. I’ve been with Lyca Mobile for five or six years. Great. No problems and cheapest service. I’d been with Vodaphone and switched when Internet was costing me a fortune. Hope this helps.

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