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I started this blog about a year ago as I always like to hear first hand reviews of services before deciding whether to sign up. It’s nice to know how services work in reality and not just how they are supposed to work. Around a year later I’m still blogging away and am surprised with how many views this site gets. This blog was never designed to make me rich – and believe me its not! However, I am looking to add a few more affiliate links to my posts in order to pay for the running costs of the blog and maybe earn myself a cup of coffee as well. However, I am determined not to allow the potential commission from affiliate links to sway my reviews. I want to be as upfront as possible so below are the three ways I will be monetising this blog.

Sponsored Posts/Paid Reviews

I am happy to do sponsored posts if it is relevant and I believe it will add value to my blog. However, I have strict self imposed rules that I will abide by.

  • I will make it clear it is a paid review in the post.
  • Payment must not be contingent on how favourable the review is.
  • I will do an honest review. If I genuinely believe like a negative review is justified I will write a negative review.

Affiliate Links

When I began this blog any time I used an affiliate link I did my best to make it clear I was using affiliate links. I’ve stopped doing it but I will start again and go through all the old posts to highlight to any affiliate links. I genuinely believe the affiliate links do not have an impact to my reviews. I stand behind the reviews I have made and if you think I am letting the potential commission influence my review please do call me out on it.


I have one small advert space on the side bar that uses Google AdSense. I’m not a big fan of online advertisements especially when they take over the website. I have considered adding more advertisement space to the blog but for the time being I will not. I don’t want to be too advert heavy.

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