I’m always trying to pick up as many frequent flyer points as possible. In countries like the US there are a shedload of credit cards you can sign up to that have very generous sign up bonuses. Unfortunately, there are very few of these options available in Ireland. I’ve started trying to earn as many Real Reward points as possible with the idea of transferring them over to Aer Club Avios points (and then potentially over to my BA Executive Club Avios). I have my Bank of Ireland Credit Card linked to my Real Reward Account and have recently linked my eir account – earning 1 reward point for every €2 spent with eir. These are very small time earning rates so I wouldn’t adjust your spending habits or move to eir just for the reward points.

I ended up with 400 or so Real Reward Points which in August would have transferred over to 1,200 Avios. However, every time I tried to make a transfer from Real Rewards to Aer Club I got an error saying “We were not able to convert your Real Rewards points to Avios Points at this time” I’ve been on to their customer support but kept getting a response along the lines of “we’re looking into it” with no timeframe to resolve the issue.

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SuperValu Real Rewards have teamed up with Aer Lingus’s new loyalty program Aer Club. This partnership allows you to transfer your Real Rewards points to Aer Club Avios at a rate of 1:1.

You can earn Real Reward points when shopping at Supervalu, purchasing Supervalu insurance, paying your Electric Ireland bill, buying SuperValu getaway breaks or using their CashBack portal – eShops.

It is possible to link your Bank of Ireland credit card with your SuperValu Real Rewards account to earn points each time you use your credit card.

Currently there is a promotion on until 31st August giving you triple Avios when you convert from Real Rewards to Avios. 1 SuperValu Real Reward point will now get you 3 Avios instead of the normal 1 Avios.

I still haven’t been able to convert my Real Reward Points to Avios, each time I try I get an error message and support have so far been unable to resolve the issue. My aim is to convert to Aer Club Avios and then converts them to BA Avios as the redemption rates are much better with BA instead of Aer Lingus.

I’d love to hear if you’ve been able to take advantage of this promotion or are experiencing the same issue as I am.

Aer Lingus recently launched a new frequent flyer program called Aer Club to replace their Gold Circle. It would be fair to say things have not gone well – you just need to look at the boards thread or AerClubSucks on Twitter. When asked about the migration to Aer Club the CEO of Aer Lingus Stephen Kavanagh said “My job is not to keep everybody happy,” .. “My job is to reward those customers that actually deliver margin.” While I fully agree with him that there no point rewarding customers that provide no real margin to Aer Lingus, I believe offering a loyalty program that does not live up to its promises is far more damaging then not offering a loyalty program at all.

I’ve been trying to get my Aer Club account active since February 23rd. While my account appeared to be set up, every time I logged in, it asked me to register for Aer Club again.

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