Revolut Contactless Card

On Wednesday I ordered a Revolut Contactless Card. They said delivery would take approximately 8 working days to arrive. Well my brand new shiny contactless card arrived today. It was delivered by standard Royal Mail Airmail. First things first, I understand this isn’t important and some would argue it is a waste of money but I really love the packaging the card comes in. Its slick and and almost makes receiving the card an ‘experience’ Puling out the right hand side of the packaging, the card then emerges from the left.  

Ordering a Contactless Revolut Card

I signed up to Revolut when they first launched. Back then the cards they issued were not contactless. All cards issued from June 2016 have included the contactless feature. I never really felt the need to have contactless on my Revolut card as I mainly use it in America and around the poorer parts of Asia. In America I find they normally swipe and don’t ask for a signature for low values so it is as fast as contactless. In Asia most of the countries I travel to wouldn’t support contactless. However, on my recent trip to London I decided I would use…