Ethiopian Airlines fly Addis Ababa to Los Angeles via Dublin and return Los Angeles to Addis Ababa via Dublin. While they also fly to Toronto and Washington via Dublin only the Los Angeles flight has fifth freedom rights. This means you can book a flight on just the Dublin to Los Angeles or Dublin to Addis Ababa leg with Ethiopian. I’ve completed two very brief trip reports on my flights with Ethiopian from Dublin to Los Angeles and the return Los Angeles to Dublin. I’ve also flown with Ethiopian to India via Addis Ababa as well and was very impressed.

When flying from Dublin to India via Addis Ababa both times I had long layovers – on the way over it was 8 hours and on the way back it was 9 hours 15 minutes. Thankfully I didn’t need to stay in Addis Ababa airport as Ethiopian offer a free layover hotel for those with long connections. As I was waiting in Addis Ababa to board my return flight to Dublin I got chatting to a couple who had spent 9 hours in the airport – they were completely unaware they were entitled to a free hotel room.

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I wrote a brief review of Ethiopian Airlines ET504 from Dublin to Los Angeles and will now do a very short review of ET505 from Los Angeles to Dublin. The flight was due to leave Los Angeles at 11:45PM. I got to the airport three hours before departure which is much earlier than I normally would. However, as I had to check out from the Hotel at 6PM I decided to go to the airport early instead of roaming around LA with my bags.

Ethiopian fly from Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX which is quite nice and spacious. The Ethiopian Airlines check in was open and there was 10 or 15 people in the economy queue. Due to my status I could use the Business Class check in which had no queue. I was told the flight was completely full and check in was very quick. My bag was overweight by 5KG but they didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all.

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Ethiopian Airlines have some very good prices on direct flights from Dublin to Los Angeles which I’ve posted about. I’ve flown Ethiopian before but always heading from Dublin to Addis Ababa and beyond. This was my first time flying Ethiopian over to Los Angeles. My camera is pretty poor quality so there aren’t as many photos as I had hoped in fact there’s only one.

Dublin Airport

 Ethiopian Airlines operate from Terminal 1 in Dublin Airport. As the flight leaves at 6:50 there tends to be quite a lot of Ryanair flight scheduled around the same time. I arrived at 5.00 am and there was no queue at all for the Ethiopian check in. After verifying my passport I was issued my boarding passes very quickly. I asked were there 3 seats together that I could have so I would be able to lie down for the flight. The agent reprinted a new boarding card and said she blocked the other two seats on the system so I’d have three in the middle to myself.

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This is just a quick post about Ethiopian Airlines schedule changes on their Dublin – Los Angeles flight. Ethiopian were selling round trip flights for just €380 between Dublin and LA. I booked a return trip and originally the outbound flight was scheduled as:

Departing Dublin 6:15AM arriving Los Angeles 8:30AM

It has been rescheduled to:

Departing Dublin 6:50AM arriving Los Angeles 9:05AM

I received the new e-ticket by email today although it didn’t specifically mention the change. The inbound flight remains the same. If you booked flights I’d recommend keeping an eye on the reservation at to check for any changes.

If you haven’t booked yet there are still plenty of flights available from €388 return including all taxes and charges right through to the end of the year, although summer is more expensive.


Ethiopian Airlines fly from Addis Ababa airport to Washington, Toronto and Los Angeles with a stop in Dublin. Due to the altitude of Addis Ababa airport these flights cannot fly direct on the west bound journey. The flights from Toronto and Washington to Addis Ababa fly directly and do not stop in Dublin however, the Los Angeles flight stops in Dublin in both directions and Ethiopian have ‘Fifth Freedom Rights’ on this route. This means they can sell flights from Dublin – Los Angeles or Dublin to Addis Ababa for example. I have flown Ethiopian from Dublin to Delhi via Addis Ababa and I was very impressed with the service bar the shambolic Addis Ababa airport experience. Ethiopian operates a modern fleet of B787 with in seat power and entertainment.

There have been some great fares from Dublin to Los Angeles over the past few weeks reaching as low as €340 with stops. Ethiopian have just responded launching new reduced fares which seem to be valid from the middle of January until the middle of May – €380 return including all taxes and two checked bags.

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