This review was written before I signed up to DoFinance. As I have only just signed up there I will not be including it in this review.

I’ve been involved in P2P lending since January 2015 and have used four different websites – LinkedFinance, MintosTwino and VIAINVEST. There are plenty of other options out there but these were the four I joined. I’ve already done reviews of each of the platforms but decided to do a recap of how things are getting on. I feel I’ve been very lucky with how well P2P lending has gone for me and it sure beats the 0.4% offered by Rabo Direct on their savings account. I am getting slightly worried at the rate the industry is growing and wonder if it’s sustainable.

I do not have an even amount with each platform – you can see my spread below. I am still adding cash to the Mintos, VIAINVEST and Twino platforms but not Linked Finance.

Website % of my overall P2P Lending
Linked Finance 18%
Mintos 41%
Twino 14%
ViaInvest 27%

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Mintos is my favourite P2P lending site although TwinoVIAINVEST and doFinance are looking promising. Of course, there is also Linked Finance which I’m less enthusiastic about recently but it’s a great option for those who want to lend through an Irish platform.

Mintos has recently added its first loan originator based in China – PangMaoBao which allows investors to invest in invoice financing loans. Currently there are 9 loans available to invest in, however the loans are very large, some in excess of €1.5 million!

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Mintos was founded in January 2015 in Latvia and has grown rapidly since with nearly 90 million funded to date. Mintos is sometimes known as P2P lending 2.0. With LinkedFinance and many other P2P lending sites, applicants request the funds on the platform. If the funds are not raised, the loan is not completed. Mintos is different, it partners with non-bank loan originators who sell existing loans, or parts of existing loans to investors.

There are six types of loans traded on Mintos:

  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Car Loan
  • Invoice Financing
  • Mortgage
  • Personal

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