is a website that allows you to receive email notifications of updates to your parcel. Originally it started off just supporting An Post but has grown to include UPS, Fastway, DPD, Nightline, iParcel, Parcel Motel, Parcel Connect and Parcel Wizard deliveries. Parcel Notifier now supports deliveries by DHL as well. Simply subscribe to notifications by entering in your tracking number and email at You will then receive an email notification of each parcel update. That’s it, no creating accounts, downloading apps and it’s completely free!


I buy a lot online and tend to be a bit OCD in tracking my parcels. I know there are loads of apps out there to track parcels but I’m quite anti-apps. I’m not really sure why but there are very few apps that I think are worthy of being apps. Facebook for example, I really don’t see what it needs to be an app except to push notifications and annoy me. If I do access Facebook on my phone which is rarely I’ll use their mobile site. With that little rant over… sends you an email every time there is an update to a parcel. Previously it only supported An Post parcels but it now has been expanded to support parcels being delivered by DPD, Parcel Wizard, Fastway, Parcel Connect, Nightline, Parcel Motel and iParcel. I find it particularly useful for parcels being delivered by DPD’s Parcel Wizard and Fastway’s Parcel Connect as often these get delivered to the store and are ready for pickup but there is no notification sent. This is normally due to the staff not scanning in the parcels.


I’ll admit I’m a bit OCD when it comes to tracking parcels. I like to know where they are and when they should arrive. There are a huge number of apps and websites out there to help keep track of parcels from a huge range of carriers. There’s AfterShip, Track-Trace, Package Trackr and 17Track to name a few. There are also countless apps you can download and get notifications each time there’s an update. There’s a new website which works just for An Post parcels. You enter in the tracking number and your email address and you get an email every time there is an update. No bells and whistles just the basics.

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