Expired Requests with Revolut

A lot of my friends and family use Revolut. I have the app and 4 different Revolut cards at this point. I am not Revolut’s biggest fan – I have had bad experiences with their customer support and I find their app very confusing to use, as a result I rarely use Revolut. I never use them for purchases any more, instead I only occasionally send and receive money from friends and family through Revolut. I find it good especially the ability to be able to request money. However, there is a big flaw in this system. If you request…

How much N26 saved me on my last trip

I recently came back from a trip where I used my N26 card exclusively. I used to be a Revolut fan but have since moved over to N26 and to be honest, I haven’t looked back. I still always pack my Revolut Card with me as backup but N26 is my main card now both at home in Ireland and when travelling. I thought it would be interesting to do the sums to see how much N26 ‘saved’ me during the trip. There are things to keep in mind. I pay for N26 Black which costs €5.90 per month. If I…

Revolut launches Revolut Premium

Revolut has launched a premium offering costing €7.99 a month. This includes a ‘Premium’ MasterCard, a free spare card, oversees medical insurance, unlimited foreign exchange, higher ATM withdrawal limit, global express delivery and 24/7 support. They are currently offering one month free if you upgrade. In my opinion, Comparing this to the N26 Black account there’s only one winner – N26 Black.   Price: N26 Black: €5.90 per month (although comes with 1 year contract) Revolut: €7.99 per month Winner: N26 Black ATM Withdrawals: N26 Black: Unlimited foreign withdrawals, 5 free euro withdrawals Revolut: €400 limit then 2% Winner: N26 Black

Revolut was down yesterday

I’m a big fan of Revolut and have been using them for years. I always pack my Revolut card when travelling but after switching to N26 Black it is now my backup card. Yesterday Revolut payments were offline for approximately 10 hours. This was due to Global Processing Services which links Revolut to the MasterCard network experiencing technical issues. This downtime affected other fin-techs including Monzo, Curve and Loot. As a result customers were unable to make purchases or ATM withdrawals using their Revolut card. Obviously this is not ideal and can be very inconvenient however issues like this can and…

Revoluts new ‘current accounts’

I posted yesterday about Revolut’s new feature – a UK current account for each customer. I updated the app on my Nexus 4 yesterday but still couldn’t see the new current account feature. Today, I noticed there was another update which I installed. After this update, when after going into profile and selecting Bank account details I was giving an option to activate my GBP bank account.