I was expecting a parcel by DHL and decided to redirect it to a DHL Parcel Locker and pick it up from there instead of having it delivered to my home. I had previously seen the lockers but never used them so was interested to see how it worked. There really aren’t that many DHL Lockers in Ireland so it appears it hasn’t caught on yet.

Sure enough on the day of delivery I received an text and an email confirming the package had been delivered to the DHL Locker at a local newsagent. The text contained a 8 digit code to use to unlock the locker. The DHL Locker is very similar to the Parcel Motel lockers but are much smaller. There is a small touch screen which was much more sensitive than the old style Parcel Motel touch screens and simple to use.

The process to retrieve your locker is:

  1. Enter in the 8 digit pin
  2. Enter in your full name
  3. Sign your name on the touch screen

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I had never heard of DHL swipBOX until I read a post on boards.ie where a user had a parcel that was being delivered by DHL and he got a text telling him to pick it up from his local swipBOX. It turned out to be a mistake and DHL resolved the issued for him but it made me curious about the product. From a physical point of view it looks very much like a Parcel Motel and it appears to be the same general idea. DHL will drop of the parcel to the¬†swipBOX and then you collect it yourself from there. I haven’t seen any marketing done by DHL so was interested to see how widespread they are across Ireland.

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