VIAINVEST is one of the P2P lending sites that I actively use. By default VIAINVEST deducts a withholding tax from your repayments unless you send in a copy of your Tax Residency Certificate. The tax rate charged depends on the loan originators country. If the loan origin country is Czech Republic – Withholding Tax is currently 15%, if Spain – 19%, if Latvia – 23%. If you send in a copy of your Tax Residency Cert VIAINVEST will not withhold tax and instead you pay directly to the Irish Revenue when completing your tax returns.

If you make an investment before sending in your Tax Residency Cert, withholding tax will apply for the duration of the loan term even if you upload the certificate mid way through the term. However, any new loans made after the certificate has been uploaded will not have withholding tax applied.

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This review was written before I signed up to DoFinance. As I have only just signed up there I will not be including it in this review.

I’ve been involved in P2P lending since January 2015 and have used four different websites – LinkedFinance, MintosTwino and VIAINVEST. There are plenty of other options out there but these were the four I joined. I’ve already done reviews of each of the platforms but decided to do a recap of how things are getting on. I feel I’ve been very lucky with how well P2P lending has gone for me and it sure beats the 0.4% offered by Rabo Direct on their savings account. I am getting slightly worried at the rate the industry is growing and wonder if it’s sustainable.

I do not have an even amount with each platform – you can see my spread below. I am still adding cash to the Mintos, VIAINVEST and Twino platforms but not Linked Finance.

Website % of my overall P2P Lending
Linked Finance 18%
Mintos 41%
Twino 14%
ViaInvest 27%

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I’m a big fan of P2P lending and I current lend via LinkedFinance, Mintos and Twino. It’s always a good idea to spread around the investments among different loans and different platforms to minimise risk. Recently I’ve started looking into VIAINVEST and today I decided to sign up. VIAINVEST is a part of VIA SMS group which was founded in 2008 and operates in Sweeden, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic and Spain. It is similar to Mintos and Twino where you buy a part of already issued loans and in return earn interest. With VIAINVEST there are a lot of short-term loans that mature between 7 to 30 days as well as long term instalment loans. There is a Buyback Guarantee offered on loans that guarantees loan originator intent to repurchase the active loan contract if it has been delayed for more than 30 days. Signing up was easy and my first impressions have been very positive.

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