The Race is on!

  1. The Race
  2. The Race: Update 1 – Parcels arrived to Virtual Address
  3. The Race: Update 2 – One has arrived!
  4. The Race: Update 3 – Second one has arrived!
  5. The Race: Update 4 – AddressPal has arrived
  6. The Race: Update 5 – The Race is Over!

I have a kindle which I love. Nothing beats have 10-15 new books that I want to read on a device that fits in my jeans pocket. Everywhere I travel I take my kindle, its one of the first things I pack after my Revolut card. The one month battery life is a life saver and being able to read the screen in bright sun light is what really sold it for me. One thing I cannot stand is trying to use a laptop or tablet outside when its sunny and the glare on the screen makes it impossible to see. Unfortunately, I have noticed that kindle books can be more expensive than paperback books. This is probably down to the fact digital books are liable for VAT while physical books are not. There were four books I’ve been looking to buy and the physical books are much cheaper than the kindle version. When purchasing them tonight, I decided to have a little race between all four Virtual UK addresses – Parcel Motel, Parcel Connect, Parcel Wizard and Address Pal. The 4 fees will wipe out any savings by buying the physical book but anyway…

The four books were all ordered on Amazon today, one to each service and all are due for delivery on Wednesday to the respective addresses. Normally, Parcel Motel would win the race comfortably but with the delays they are having it could be a toss up between Parcel Motel and Address Pal for last place. I expect Parcel Wizard and Parcel Connect both to be ready for collection on Thursday with Parcel Motel possible ready at the weekend and AddressPal on the Monday. But I’m genuinely interested to see how they all compare. Especially Parcel Connect and Parcel Wizard, I haven’t use either of their services since 2015.

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