The Race: Update 2

  1. The Race
  2. The Race: Update 1 – Parcels arrived to Virtual Address
  3. The Race: Update 2 – One has arrived!
  4. The Race: Update 3 – Second one has arrived
  5. The Race: Update 4 – AddressPal has arrived
  6. The Race: Update 5 – The Race is Over!

I was expected on Thursday both the Parcel Wizard and Parcel Connect Parcels to be ready for collection. In the end, the Parcel Connect parcel was delivered to the pickup point at 4 but I received no email or text message. I was passing the store so I popped in and saw my parcel in the pile. The guy working the shop (who appeared to be new) called over his senior. They scanned in the parcel and I instantly got the code sent to my phone. I picked up the parcel straight away. They were very apologetic, they new guy didn’t know what to do with the parcels. Overall, I was very impressed with Parcel Connect and they came in First Place!

Parcel Connect Winner!

I actually have two parcels waiting with Parcel Wizard that should be sent to a pick up point. One was delivered Tuesday and one Wednesday. Over on boards people rave about Parcel Wizard so I was expecting the parcel to be ready for collection the next working day. Yesterday both parcels status changed to ‘Held in Depot’. I went on live chat and was advised they were swamped and it should be ready for collection today. However, the status hasn’t updated yet.

Held in Depot

The Parcel Motel parcel was checked in yesterday at 2.30 just over 24 hours after being delivered. I have two parcels with Parcel Motel so will be interesting to see when they are ready for pickup. My gut tells me the book will be there tomorrow. There has been no news from AddressPal which is to be expected – the first notification is when the parcel is ready for collection – I’m guessing Tuesday.

As it stands:


Delivered: Wednesday 11:13


Parcel Wizard

Delivered: Wednesday 11:22

Email Notification:Wednesday 14:30


Parcel Motel

Delivered: Wednesday 11:49

Email Notification:  Thursday 14:38


Parcel Connect

Delivered: Wednesday 12:02

Email Notification: Wednesday 15:54

Delivered to Shop: Thursday 16:10

Collected: Thursday 18:03

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