The Race: Update 3 – Parcel Motel delivered

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The last update on the Race was on Friday. I was expecting the Parcel Wizard parcels to be delivered on Friday – I was advised on Live Chat they would be. Originally they were due to be delivered on Thursday. Well it never showed up. Hopefully they’ll be ready for collection tomorrow but I’m not overly confident. Have to be honest I’m very disappointed with Parcel Wizard. People rave about them on but my experience has been very poor based on the three of my parcels they currently have.

I had been expected the Parcel Motel to be ready on Saturday evening, but it was actually this morning when it was stored in the Motel. While it was delayed compared to what I am usually used to, I think Parcel Motel is doing great work this year. They have also put out buses to pickup points allowing people to collect parcels from their bus if the motel is full. At the end of the day, if the motel is full theres not much they can do. Although I do think they could be more open about the delays.


Parcel Motel Delivered


Parcel Connect was the real winner, Parcel Motel second and Parcel Wizard and AddressPal are fighting it out for 3rd place. The difference is I expected AddressPal to take this long as they say it is a 3-5 day service while Parcel Wizard I was expecting a 24 hour turnaround. Hopefully, Parcel Wizard will process my three parcels tomorrow.


As it stands:


Delivered: Wednesday 11:13


Parcel Wizard

Delivered: Wednesday 11:22

Email Notification: Wednesday 14:30


Parcel Motel

Delivered: Wednesday 11:49

Email Notification:  Thursday 14:38

Stored in Motel: Sunday 9:27

Collected: Sunday 12:31


Parcel Connect

Delivered: Wednesday 12:02

Email Notification: Wednesday 15:54

Delivered to Shop: Thursday 16:10

Collected: Thursday 18:03

4 Replies to “The Race: Update 3 – Parcel Motel delivered”

    1. From what I can tell is a way of getting quotes to send parcels similar to, or and not a UK virtual address. From a quick check its more expensive than the others as well (based on two parcels one to Ireland and one to US)

    1. I have looked at them in the past but never found their pricing that competitive. I can’t seem to get any parcel to price out at €6.50 the cheapest I can find is €6.85 + VAT for GLS 1-2 day service. Parcel2Go is €6.49 + VAT for 20KG by An Post Express Post. Also, there are no pickup points that are convenient to me.

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