The Race: Update 4 – AddressPal has arrived!

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  5. The Race: Update 4 – AddressPal has arrived
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At first I expected Parcel Connect and Parcel Wizard to be in a fight for first place and Parcel Motel and AddressPal to be in a fight for last. Parcel Connect was ready for collection in Dublin the next working day coming first and Parcel Motel was delivered Sunday coming second. Well today I got the text and email that the AddressPal parcel was ready for collection. A quick trip to my local post office and it’s collected.

AddressPal Arrived


I had expected Parcel Wizard to be ready next working day as well however, Parcel Wizard has come last. Well it hasn’t even arrived yet. I have three parcels with Parcel Wizard. The book that was part of this race seems to be out for delivery today and will be ready for collection this evening. I’ve been on live chat several times about the other two parcels and was promised call backs.  Overall, I’ve been very disappointed with Parcel Wizard. Its actually the only service I would consider not using again.



As it stands:


Delivered: Wednesday 11:13

Ready for Collection: Monday 13:02

Collected: Monday 14:05

Parcel Wizard

Delivered: Wednesday 11:22

Email Notification: Wednesday 14:30

Parcel Motel

Delivered: Wednesday 11:49

Email Notification:  Thursday 14:38

Stored in Motel: Sunday 9:27

Collected: Sunday 12:31

Parcel Connect

Delivered: Wednesday 12:02

Email Notification: Wednesday 15:54

Delivered to Shop: Thursday 16:10

Collected: Thursday 18:03

2 Replies to “The Race: Update 4 – AddressPal has arrived!”

    1. It did indeed. I’ll be posting the update later on today – I was away the last two days.. I’m still waiting on two DPD Parcel Wizard Parcels, one was due to be ready to be collected on the 30th Nov, the other the 5th Dec. Will be interesting to see if they ever turn up.

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