The Race: Update 5 – The Race is Over!

  1. The Race
  2. The Race: Update 1 – Parcels arrived to Virtual Address
  3. The Race: Update 2 – One has arrived!
  4. The Race: Update 3 – Second one has arrived!
  5. The Race: Update 4 – AddressPal has arrived
  6. The Race: Update 5 – The Race is Over!


The last parcel to arrive was DPD Parcel Wizard which actually arrived on Monday. I was away without my laptop which is why the update is only happening now – on Friday. I had selected the local store to collect the Parcel Wizard from using their new DPD Pickup service. When the parcel first was processed by PW I was advised it be ready for collection from Thursday 1st (the day after they received the parcel). However, this never happened and the status of the parcel swapped between In Transit and Held at Depot several times. I went on live chat for an update but never heard back – I will be doing a further post about the problems I’m having with DPD Parcel Wizard once the remaining two parcels are delivered. Both are overdue by a week.

Parcel Wizard Delivered

I know the Parcel Wizard parcel was ready for collection hours after the AddressPal one however, I was very impressed with AddressPal and very disappointed with Parcel Wizard. When I used AddressPal they advertised it as a 3-4 working day service. When I used Parcel Wizard I was expecting next working day or at worst 2 working days. When the parcel was checked in by PW I was promised next day delivery. I had heard so many people race about how reliable Parcel Wizard is on boards.  In the end I had to chase them up on several occasions for the parcel to be delivered. When it was finally delivered to the store, I didn’t get any text/email letting me know. I had to log onto the website and track it to get the code to collect. I suppose the moral is to under promise and over deliver.


The Time-line


Delivered: Wednesday 11:13

Ready for Collection: Monday 13:02

Collected: Monday 14:05

Parcel Wizard

Delivered: Wednesday 11:22

Email Notification: Wednesday 14:30

Delivered to store: Monday 3:15

Collected: Monday 3:54

Parcel Motel

Delivered: Wednesday 11:49

Email Notification:  Thursday 14:38

Stored in Motel: Sunday 9:27

Collected: Sunday 12:31

Parcel Connect

Delivered: Wednesday 12:02

Email Notification: Wednesday 15:54

Delivered to Shop: Thursday 16:10

Collected: Thursday 18:03


I have to say Parcel Connect was the real winner here. I’ve actually swapped to using them now and the parcel is always ready for collection the next working day. Parcel Motel was as expected. I have always found them very reliable but with a locker based system there are going to be delays and I was expecting them. AddressPal did exactly what they say on the tin. The only service I had issues with was Parcel Wizard. I’ve used them three times over the last week and all were delayed. Two parcels are still ‘Held in Depot’, I’ve been promised that they would be delivered the next day twice so far and countless ignored Live Chats and non-existent callbacks. I will be doing a full review of Parcel Wizard in the coming days once the parcels turn up.

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