The Race: Update One

  1. The Race
  2. The Race: Update 1 – Parcels arrived to Virtual Address
  3. The Race: Update 2 – One has arrived!
  4. The Race: Update 3 – Second one has arrived!
  5. The Race: Update 4 – AddressPal has arrived
  6. The Race: Update 5 – The Race is Over!

Yesterday I purchased four books on Amazon using Prime for next day delivery. Each book was due to be delivered to a different UK Virtual Address. The idea was to do a very unscientific research as to which of the UK Virtual Addresses is quickest at this time of year. Normally, Parcel Motel would win hands down but with the delays I expect either Parcel Wizard or Parcel Connect to be quickest and ready for collection tomorrow. Today the four books were all delivered within 50 minutes of each other to the respective UK addresses. So far I haven’t heard anything from AddressPal, which is to be expected. The first notification you get from them is that the parcel is ready for collection. I also have not heard anything from Parcel Motel. Normally I’d expect the parcel to be checked in by now but with the delays it will take longer.

Parcel Wizard emailed me looking for payment which I paid straight away via PayPal.

Parcel Wizard Email

Parcel Connect emailed saying the Parcel was processed.

Parcel Connect Email

As it stands:


Delivered: 11:13


Parcel Wizard

Delivered: 11:22

Email Notification: 14:30


Parcel Motel

Delivered: 11:49


Parcel Connect

Delivered: 12:02

Email Notification: 15:54

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