Three have a change of heart about EU roaming

Three recently announced that they were changing their price plans including the €20 top up deal. As part of the changes Three added 2GB data to be used in Ireland or the EU and kept the unlimited data in Ireland as a ‘bonus’. The idea being that this would mean the unlimited ‘all you can eat’ data would be excluded from the EU roaming regulation. Understandably Three got a lot of bad press regarding this.

It appears they have had a change of heart as Three announced on the 19th May that the limit for data roaming in EU has been increased to 5GB and the cost of additional MB of EU data has been slashed from €1.01 to €0.0092. Obviously both of these changes are very good for the customer and in line with the EU regulations that come into effect on the 15th June. However, Three have played this very badly in my view. They basically tried to ignore EU regulations and finally realised they are wrong. Now they are marketing these changes as if they are because Three care about their customers – when in reality its just bringing Three into line with the EU regulations.

Although it appears Lyca are still trying to pull the data is not a core service line and is not offering free data roaming within the EU.

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