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Cashback sites pay you when you purchase through their links. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any good cashback sites aimed at the Irish market. Previously there was and cashbackireland but both have ceased trading. You can get reward points such as Avios and Supervalu Real Rewards as cashback but neither offer competitive rates.

I have been using for years now and find it brilliant. It is a UK site and every time you redeem rewards you need to click a box confirming you are a UK resident. Despite this, they have a whole section dedicated to Irish retailers – go figure. I have redeemed over £700 in rewards since joining – all on purchases I would have made regardless.

There are two membership options – Classic which is free and Plus which costs £5 per year. The £5 membership fee is deducted from cashback earnings – it does not need to be paid by credit card. The main differences are Plus includes up to 10% bonus on cashback and up to 20% bonus when redeeming cashback for reward wallet.

You can convert your cashback to cash either by PayPal or BACS transfer. If you have a Revolut account you can use your GBP Bank Details to withdraw from TopCashBack with no currency conversion fees. You can also transfer your cashback to your rewards wallet. This then allows you to redeem the cashback for a whole host of Gift Cards many of which come with a bonus. These are UK retailers so the gift card may not be accepted in their Irish outlets. I normally redeem for gift card which comes with a 2% bonus. Redeeming £100 cashback will get a £102 Amazon gift card.

There really are too many retails to even begin to list here but some of the retails I frequently use and their current cashback rates are:

eBay 5% Cashback
AliExpress 5% Cashback
Boohoo 8% Cashback 10.5% Cashback
Life Style Sports 9.9% Cashback

Should you make any purchases from the links above I will receive the cashback. In order for you to receive the cashback you first need to set up an account with This only takes 2 minutes, then search for the retailer. You must click through to the retailer sites from TopCashBack in order to activate the cashback. Also, if you sign up through my referral link you will also get £5 bonus cashback once you earn £10 eligible, payable cashback!

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