Watch your designated Parcel Motel location…

I have always been a big fan of Parcel Motel from the beginning and would tend to defend them during the busy periods. I feel some people are unrealistic when they expect no delays during the Christmas rush, – as it is a locker system there is a finite number of parcels that can be stored in a motel at a time. With this in mind there are certain things Parcel Motel could consider doing to improve the experience.

If I was in charge I’d try to improve customer support during the busy periods. I seem to be in a minority but I find their customer support to be very good although it does slow down hugely during December. I’d also store multiple parcels for one person in the same locker, but still charge for two stays as you’re processing two parcels. There are times where I’ve gone to collect four parcels which would have fitted in one locker, but instead took up four. I’d also allow uses to select what days to accept deliveries to a motel. This would allow people who know they won’t be near a motel at the weekend to block weekends for deliveries. Their parcels would be held until Monday opening up space for other customers. I know there would be a lot of logistics and processes would need to be put in place for this to work – and now is the time to start thinking about it when you have almost a full year for development and testing before the next big rush.

This year Parcel Motel added a pop up pick up point in Kilmacud GAA club. This was manned so could store far more parcels then a motel would. A parcel of mine was diverted there, even though I hadn’t selected it as my pickup point. In the end I collected the parcel there and I was quite surprised with just how small the average parcel was. Parcel Motel had updated my designated pickup Motel to Kilmacud GAA club. I then changed it back to my local Texaco. I didn’t use Parcel Motel again before Christmas instead using Fastway Parcel Collect. I used Parcel Motel again this week and got the text confirming the parcel was ready to collect. When I got to the motel I entered in my phone number and PIN but got an error message. After two failed attempts I noticed the text didn’t say my normal motel – instead the parcel was delivered to a different Texaco 3km away.

In the grand scheme of things its not a big deal – but it did add 15 minutes to the journey. It was also frustrating that the motel could just change like that with no warning. If you haven’t used Parcel Motel in a while I suggest double checking your designated motel.

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