What happens if the GoCar isn’t there?

Last year I sold my car and I didn’t buy a new one. This was the first time since I was 17 I didn’t own a car. At first I thought I would really miss not having the car but in reality it hasn’t been too much of an inconvenience. Sure, it was always handy to have a car to jump in and go but I think there has been only one time in the year where I was left properly inconvenienced by not having a car. Over the year I’ve saved thousands of euro, so overall I’m glad I finally got rid of the car.

I am lucky in that there is a GoCar a 2 minute walk from my house and at least 5 different GoCars within a 15 minute walk so I am spoilt for choice. My experience with GoCar has been very positive. There has only been one booking that didn’t go as expected.

I had to bring home a pretty large box so decided to rent a GoVan for the trip. When I arrived at the GoBase there was no sign of the GoVan. There was a GoTripper around the corner so I went to see if it was available. It was, but when I went to book it, the app said I couldn’t as I had a booking for the same time. After cancelling the GoVan booking, I tried again, this time the app said the GoTripper was no longer available. I was standing by the car this point so I knew it was available – I imagine my previous attempted booking was still pending and making it seem like it was booked.

At this point, my GoVan reservation was cancelled and I was charged the cancellation fee. It was not possible to book the GoTripper and the customer support line was closed. I hopped in a taxi and just as I was collected the GoVan arrived, 20 minutes late.

I understand there really isn’t much that GoCar can do in this situation but nevertheless it is very annoying. I emailed in explaining what happened and asked for the cancellation fee to be refunded. I got a quick reply which was very apologetic. They immediately refunded the cancellation fee and added an additional €25 to my GoCar balance. Whats more, they requested a copy of the taxi receipt which was also refunded to my GoCar balance.

I was seriously impressed with how well this was handled by GoCar. I understand people will run late when returning the car for various reasons so it’s good to see they seem to have a good system in place.

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In the interest of full-disclosure, the provided code is a referral code. If you sign up to GoCar using this code I will receive €25 to my GoCar balance after your first trip. These affiliate payments have no impact on my reviewing of the product. If you believe I have been influenced by the potential commission when reviewing a product please call me out. 

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