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  1. Totally agree, I’m not a huge fan of KBC’s lack of detail in the transaction overview either. Had better experiences with German banks (although most of them aren’t exactly modern).

  2. Open app, enter your 6 digit PIN, select Security, select Digital Key, 6 digit pin again
    or you could just do
    Open app, select ‘Online Banking’, enter 6 digit pin

    I think KBC’s online banking is top! Couldn’t fault it. I gave up on N26. Android/Apple Pay support is huge too. KBC are on top of banking in Ireland.

    1. I never noticed that short cut until you pointed it out.

      I may have been harsh with KBC. When I signed up with them I thought they’d be very good but everything went wrong and it took ages to get up and running. Then the “bank of you” ads also really got on my nerves. I found the internet and mobile banking very poor (as did my friend who signed up).

      In comparison N26 was a breeze to sign up with. I can’t say I miss Android Pay but would like N26 to implement it soon which I expect is going to happen.

      I’ll admit I’m a N26 fan boy. I’ve had current accounts with AIB, BOI, Ulster Bank and KBC before N26 and for me N26 is the best. It’s not perfect though and I will be doing a post about the down sides of N26 in the coming weeks.

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